Negative Spaces

by Cubbi

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released January 27, 2017

all songs written, recorded, and produced by Chris Cubbison November 2015-October 2016
track#6 co-written by Dorvin Borman

additional production for track #2 by Jim Blade
vocals for track #5 performed by Vanessa CJ
bass and backup vocals for track #6 by Dorvin Borman
mastered by John War
album photo by Mariah Tiffany
album art by Taylor Eden


all rights reserved



cubbi Los Angeles, California

27 LA, Best Picture, Bixler-Orion Sound System

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Track Name: See What You Got
1. See What You Got


you want it all
what do you want?
you want it all
have you
seen what you got?
(see what you got)

who do you pledge allegiance to?
what do you have to prove?
i’ve been told before
to be patient with my goals
but no,
that’s a line I’ll
no longer tow.

it’s easy to forget
but it’s harder to know
television taught me
do what I’m told.
i pray for forgiveness
as god as my witness
but actions speak louder
than words.

it’s not as easy to
trust what you’ve heard
defending the voices
preying on herds.
the children are itchin
and scratchin the system
but missing the part
to make it hurt.


if nothing is to change
then we’ll all stay the same.
drifting and slipping
like clockwork-–keeps ticking
the minutes are melting
my time–worth no pay.

i pretend it’s okay
livin on minimum wage.
i know I sleep safe
but it’s not the only way.

there’s always room to complain
if there’s a room to complain.
i’ve got a roof to maintain
i couldn’t have it any other way.

Track Name: Call Me Up
3. Call Me Up

we’ll never be apart
you’re a work of art
waitin in your pocket
just call me up

instead of waiting
just to see
where it is you
pose for fun
or what you choose
to believe
when you’re left
without response

i’m getting tired
of trying to
figure you out

do you even like
the shit that you
talk about?

or did you steal
each and every
word comes out
your mouth?

(just call me up)

you cannot admit
to yourself
you’re not yourself

i think i can help
just call me

you cannot admit
to yourself
you’re not yourself

i think i can help
just call me up
Track Name: Drowning
6. Drowning (feat. Dorvin Borman)

i don’t believe in the lies
that they make me say.

i’m sorry for what i said
before we hydroplaned

moments are fragile in free fall
i tried as hard as i could with
your seatbelt

i can’t save you
i couldn’t save you
fell through the window
i cannot replace you

you should have escaped
but now you’re just falling
towards the depths
of memory.


you’re drowning
i’m drowning
we’re drowning
on account of me

you’re drowning
you’re drowning
you’re drowning
on account of me


Track Name: Kipekemie Jara
9. Kipekeme Jara

you’d feel the way
you feel.

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